What is District Health Centre (DHC)?

The DHC is a primary healthcare initiative of the Government. Through public-private partnership, medical-social collaboration, it provides district-based primary healthcare services aiming to:

  1. enhance public awareness of disease prevention and their capability in self-management of health;
  2. drive healthy lifestyle for prevention of chronic disease;
  3. support the chronically ill to prevent deterioration;
  4. enhance client access to primary healthcare service.

Who are the target clients of the Scheme?
Is there any registration or membership fee for DHC?
How many centres are there for each DHC?
Who is eligible to receive DHC service?
What services are included in the DHC Scheme?
Can the Network Service Providers access a DHC client’s medical record in the eHRSS?
If a DHC client terminates participation in the eHRSS, is he still eligible to join the DHC Scheme?
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If a patient chooses to leave the programme, will he/she be required to pay compensation or refund the value of the used CDM Vouchers?
What are the functions of the core and satellite centres?
When and where will the DHC Scheme be implemented?
What documents shall a person present when he registers in the DHC Scheme?
What is the duration of Pilot Public-Private Partnership Programme for District Health Centre (Pilot Programme)?
Is the "Chronic Disease Management Voucher"(CDM Voucher) valid to pay for all fees charged by Network Medical Providers (NMPs)?
How much do NMPs charge?
How much do laboratory tests charge?
Can the CDM Voucher be used in conjunction with other payment methods (e.g. cash)?
Does the medical fee waiver mechanism apply to the services covered by the Pilot Programme?
Is the Elderly Health Care Voucher applicable to services covered by the Pilot Programme?
Can patients participating in the Pilot Programme use the same treatment services in the public healthcare system (e.g. HA) at the same time?