District Health Centre (DHC) Service Client Co-payment * @ (HK$) Per Session
Chronic Disease Management Programme Community Rehabilitation Programme
Medical Consultation Basic medical consultation fee minus $250 # Not Applicable
Physiotherapy $150 Referred by Network Medical Practitioner $150
Referred by the Hospital Authority $100
Occupational Therapy $150
Dietetic Service $150
Speech Therapy Not Applicable
Podiatry Service $150 Not Applicable
Laboratory Test $150 Not Applicable
Optometry Service $150 Not Applicable
Chinese Medicine Service $150 $150
  • Nurse Counselling and Education
  • Pharmacist Consultation
  • Social Worker Consultation
  • Health Promotion Activities
  • Self-management Support Programme / Patient Empowerm-ent Programme

* Accept elderly health care voucher

@ For those who could not afford medical expense at the public sector can apply for a medical fee waiver. Please approach DHC for enquiry.

# Please approach DHC for information on charges of the Network Medical Practitioner.