• 1

    Participants are responsible to mark the date and time of the class and attend it on time. Participants who are unable to attend or will be late for class, please inform our staff asap. Absence or lateness without prior notice more than one time will be prohibited to join next round of programmes application.

  • 2

    Applicants can enrol in only 1 class within one programme. This applies to draw lots and public enrolment stage. Our centre reserves the right to disqualify applicants who submit duplicate applications.

  • 3

    Participants are not allowed to join multiple programmes at the same time. If time clash occurred, our centre shall have the right to refuse participant to join programmes.

  • 4

    Transferring the programme quota to others is not allowed.

  • 5

    Photography, video and audio recordings are not allowed during the class without our centre's consent.

  • 6

    There are some specific requirements for some programmes. If participants do not meet the requirements, our centre shall have the right to refuse them to join programmes.

  • 7

    Our staff shall have the right to deny participants from joining the class if his/her behavior leads to any controversies or adversely affects the class.

  • 8

    Participants should take good care of personal belongings. Our centre shall not be responsible for any lost or damage of personal belongings.

  • 9

    Our centre have the right to change or cancel programmes with insufficient participants for better resources allocation.

  • 10

    Our centre shall have the right to stop, change or cancel the programmes if the classes are affected adversely by various factors (e.g. Bad Weather). Participants should pay attention to our centre's announcement for latest arrangement.

  • 11

    Participation is voluntary. Participants must agree to all programme rules and bear the risk during class.

  • 12

    In case of any dispute, our centre reserves the right of final decision, including refusing participants to join programmes and changing rules without further notice.

  • 13

    Our centre may adjust programme details according to actual conditions. Please pay attention to centre announcement via the official website and Facebook Page.